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Guess what? We are having another nutrition challenge!!

It’s time to get bikini and Speedo ready! Summer will be here before we know it. This challenge is different from our last one in a few different ways. The biggest being it isn't just Paleo. We are allowing any form of nutrition/healthy living you choose.








Are you still with me? Great! Here are some key points:

1. Informational meetings will be held on Feb. 4th and Feb. 5th immediately following the last WOD.  Meeting will start by 6:30 p.m. The meetings will be the same so you only need to attend one. We will try to keep it to 45 mins or so.

2. The challenge will officially kick off on Feb. 11th and last until May 1st. (you are allowed to start right after the meeting though)

3. There is a $25 entry fee, this will cover the cost of the PRIZES!! 

4. We will be taking measurements and pictures (these will stay private, unless you choose otherwise)

5. There will be 2 WODs during the challenge. They will be performed at the beginning, middle and end of the challenge

6. We would like to strive for weekly meetings. We can discuss this more at the informational meeting.

7. Instead of writing out our food journals this time, we would like to use, this can be accessed on any smart phone or computer. It is an amazing program!  Best of all, it is free to use!

Looking forward to seeing YOU at one of the informational meetings Feb. 4th or 5th!

Healthy living in 3,2,1,

B, Callie, Kat

"Find your weaknesses, make friends with them, and then beat them to death."  Chris Spealler