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Foundation Krav Maga Weekend



WOW.  What an amazing weekend!  CrossFit Bismarck was proudly able to host Terri Rosen and Allen Condon from Foundation Krav Maga for an incredible weekend of learning, fun and general badassery!  We really couldn't be more thrilled with everyone that came out to support this type of event, and we hope to bring you more awesome events just like it.  And of course we'd love to have Foundation Krav Maga back again!  Be sure and also check out our Facebook page for more pictures and videos.

March/April Newsletter


Whattya know, we have another newsletter!  Read up on our athlete of the month, Tim Zander - we think he's pretty awesome.  CLICK HERE

Foundation Krav Maga


March 21-23, CrossFit Bismarck is proud to be hosting four workshops presented by Foundation Krav Maga out of CrossFit affiliate Ohio Krav Maga+Fitness.  Join us as we learn invaluable techniques to protect yourself and those you love (or even just like).

Marine Poolees


This past Saturday, we had the privilege once again to host the latest batch of Marine Poolees.  We had a great group of 27 young men and women; Coach Padilla put them through a good warmup and killer team WOD. Everyone did great and we're already looking forward to next year's group!

Check out the Photo Gallery for more pictures of the fun.

 2014 Marine Poolees

2014 Marine Poolees

Jan./Feb. Newsletter


Welcome to our very first newsletter - check it out, there's information to a PARTY!  And really, who doesn't like parties?!?  What are you waiting for?  CLICK IT.

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