Crossfit Bismarck

Forging Elite Fitness
in the Capital City


Owner, CF-L1

I've always had an interest in fitness, and I've always loved to teach. Like most people, I have tried most everything to get fit and stay “in shape”. Weightlifting, running, cycling, spin, aerobics, triathlon, you name it I've tried it!

When I joined the Fire Department in 2002, I had the opportunity to get my Personal Training certification to help our department get in shape. That led to a part time job as a trainer, which ultimately led to me discovering CrossFit. Let me tell you, it blew me away and destroyed everything I thought about being fit! I could literally not complete my first workout! Well that lit a fire and a desire to show EVERYONE what I’d been missing, and led me to open CrossFit Bismarck. It’s been a heck of a journey and it still feels as fresh and exciting as day one!

“What I love most about coaching is that tremendous sense of accomplishment we give our clients each day. CrossFit is hard, and requires you to set aside any notion of what you thought being “fit” is. No matter what your current physical condition, we will make you a better! We do things right, we do them hard, and the payoff is indescribable!”

  • Brian has been a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer since 2007, and is the owner and head coach at CrossFit Bismarck.

  • Captain, Bismarck Fire Dept.

  • EMT

  • CPR

CF L-1
CF Weightlifting Cert

I CrossFit because I hit a plateau in my old workout routine and needed something different.  Friends worked on me for many months to "give it a try"  and once I did I was hooked.  CrossFit has taught me how to challenge myself mentally and physically.  I get to do things I never knew I wanted to do! It's hard to explain the community here at CFB, they suck you in and you never want to leave, they are amazing.

I coach because I absolutely love walking through the doors at CFB, I knew I wanted to do more so the next step was to become a coach. Watching our athletes work hard and see the payoffs because of their dedication is something I get to be apart of.  "Feeling Blessed"

My secret ninja exercise is Squats

My not-so-secret sucky exercise is the Snatch, but one day....

My favorite cheat meal:  Ice Cream with Trader Joes Speculoos Butter melted on top!!!! Good thing we do not have a Trader Joes!!!!


CF L-1

I CrossFit because I was tired of putting in hours of work at a traditional gym and not getting the results I was looking for.  I keep CrossFitting because it HAS gotten me the results I'm looking for and has a sense of community I can't compare to anything else.  I LOVE MY CROSSFIT FAMILY.

I coach because I know how hard it is to walk through that door for the first time.  I want my athletes to know that we are community that stands behind them 110%.  I love to see the satisfaction on an athlete's face when they got a PR or simply finished.

My secret ninja exercise is doubleunders and GHD situps.  And I heart Olympic Lifting.

My not-so-secret sucky exercise is running.  Oh the running...

My favorite cheat meal is chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks.  And fudge.  And chocolate sprinkles.

WOD Programmer

I CrossFit because: I want to be faster and stronger. I'm addicted to that feeling of pushing myself to the limit. Gasping for air, muscles burning, heart pounding, makes me feel ALIVE.

I coach because: I want to help people move better. It's rewarding to see people improve and get healthier. I like pushing people in the gym so they can live a more rewarding life outside the gym.

My secret ninja exercise is: Not so secret, but anything where "Bowen" is the weight. Bar work, some gymnastic movements.

My not-so-secret sucky exercise: Squat Snatchs and Squat Cleans. But I'm working on them.

My favorite cheat meal: Can sandwich cookies be a meal? I'm an adult, so yes. Sandwich cookies. The Full Circle Organic Duplex, that's my ish.


CF L-1

I CrossFit because I like being challenged with workouts.  Before I started Crossfit I was at a point where I would work out for 1-2 hours and not even break a sweat.  I love being able to get a great workout in a short amount of time.  I always feel like I’ve accomplished something when I’m done.  I also love the community.  This is the only gym I’ve ever been to where you get to know everyone that you work out with!  

I coach because I like helping other people get into what I have enjoyed so much over the last few years.  I love that Crossfit teaches functional movements that make you an all-around stronger and better person.  I also like coaching people to help them avoid injuries in and outside of the gym.

My secret ninja exercise is running!  I know…boring. I get excited for any workout with running involved.  

My not-so-secret sucky exercise is any pressing movement overhead including but not limited to jerks and handstand pushups!

My favorite cheat meal is not so much a meal, but more like dessert!  I have a big weak spot for all desserts: cookies, cake, etc.

"Find your weaknesses, make friends with them, and then beat them to death."  Chris Spealler